Monday, February 23, 2009

Where I Create

Welcome to the Mess. Yes it is the name of my creative space, you can see why. I've tried and tried to keep it clean and organized. It just does not work. Thus why my closest friends call me OBSESSIVE CREATIVE. I NEVER work on one thing at a time and when I'm on a roll, my husband has to beg me to come to bed. Not what you think! I keep him up being too noisy.

I am new to blogging, but wanted everyone far away to be able to see what I'm working on. After all I jump constantly from one thing to another. I love all art and I could write forever on every medium I've ever done. Let me put it this way, if my husband knew that all the stuff in the Mess was valued at a new car, I'd come home to find the room empty and the auctioneer pulling out the drive.

So be patient with me, as the computer is really new to me. I promise to keep you awake in the future with new creations finished and in the works.

Artfully yours-Nina

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Be Silly

Sometimes you need to be reminded of the child inside you. This creation is that reminder. The hat is a collage of nursery rhyme music and has tags that spell, LAUGH. Inside are wood blocks that say BE. Paper cut out letters that say Silly. Be Silly! In front of those words is a little wood dog with a tiny party hat. The back side says, "Be Happy" with a little wood pig in a party hat. The glass is soldered to the wood base using metal tape.

This is one of my favorite assemblages. It makes me smile, with fond memories of youth. So my friends, smile and remember to BE SILLY!

Artfully yours- Nina