Monday, March 14, 2011

Spoon Jewelry

I have a new obsession with making jewelry from spoons. I use the handle, the bowel, every part. I just love them.

I taught myself how to etch the metal using ferric chloride. Smelly, but fun and limitless.
Soldering paste is my new best friend, not that I'm cheating on my beloved drill press which I could not live without. Lol!

The choices in supplies makes my brain race and my heart leap with joyful anticipation. I truly have no favorites when it comes to tools and supplies.

Check out My Art on th scroll bar to go to my Flickr page to see all the latest jewelry I've been making. Too much to post here.

I really hope to get the web at my house in the boonies soon. It is such a pain to update all of you from the library. I miss posting everyday and keeping in touch with all of you on Flickr. You know who you are. Plus I begin to forget what I've made since my last postings. I do create everyday, even if it is doodles or sketches for future creations.

I miss all of you, am praying for all of you, and love all of you.



  1. Very cool creations! It is amazing what can be done with an everyday object. ~Val

  2. Are any of your creations for sale? I really love the "Be Mine" bracelet!