Thursday, March 19, 2009

Button Lovers

For you button lovers, a bouquet of button flowers. I was dusting this last night and decided to share it. I am obsessed with buttons and could look at them constantly, they're all soooo unique. I made this 5 years ago when a friend gave me all of her Mother's vintage buttons. I wanted a fun way to display them without hurting them. This is what I came up with and I never tire of looking at it.

Go and get some green florist wire, the kind that comes in long sticks. Fold one in half and put a small shank button on first, that will be the center of your flower. Pick a larger holed button, put one end of the wire through one hole and the other end of the wire through the other hole and slide it up. Now thread your largest button and slide it up. Once your happy with the colors, Twist the two tails of wire starting as close as possible to the bottom of the flower, keep twisting all the way down to the ends of the wire. Now you have a nice sturdy steam.

These look so sweet. Put just one in an old medicine bottle or a whole bunch in your favorite vessel. These button flowers always make you smile and they'll never wilt. LOL!

Have a beautiful creative day everyone.



  1. Hey, Nina - Love them buttons! - managed to stumble onto your blog through Crafty Mule's :D - thanks again for the scrabble ring! I feel so glamorous with all my jewels!

  2. I just thought it was fun for our theme. I'm happy you liked it.

  3. Such a creative idea - and they look so wonderfull too :)

  4. Make some. It always amazes me how different they all look and they're very easy to make.

  5. This is so cool! I may try to make something like that for my studio. That would be such a cool thing to look at.