Monday, March 9, 2009

Obsessing Over Artist Trading Cards

I've had ATCs on the brain for months. These are some of the cards I'm working on for the Milwaukee live trade. The theme is Game pieces to be interpreted by you. LOL! Sorry but games in general has many possibilities and my brain is whirling with twisted versions of games people play.

I really NEED to be working on other stuff like the Mermaid assemblage that's screaming on my studio table, "FINISH ME!" This is one of those projects I know you'll enjoy if I get off my butt and post pictures of it. I've been a little depressed lately. The economy is getting to me, every where you turn so many people are suffering, HORRIBLY. OK, I'm snapping out of it. LOL! HAPPY THOUGHTS - HAPPY THOUGHTS! My new mantra.

Well, off to THE MESS to fight with the Mermaid fins. I almost smashed my fingers tacking on those fins. Who knew art is so dangerous? OK, I'm dangerous with hammers, nails, exacto knives. Have an ARTFUL DAY!

xoxo- Nina


  1. Please oh please post pictures of the mermaid assemblage. Even if you haven't finished, post the progress. I'd love to see her!
    Great ATC's!
    have a great weekend!

  2. Alright I'll take some pictures of it today. Thanks Cathy I needed a kick in the Butt.