Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dominoe Pendants

These had me up until 1am, but I was determined to get some done. My poor Spud (that's what I call my husband, he used to be my stud, now he's my couch potato) I made him take 56 dominoes to work with him and drill holes in the tops for the eye screws. So after nagging at Spud to do that for me, I figured I better make some pendants. Thank goodness Spud's a machinist, darn dominoes are not easy to drill. New dominoes are made of a very brittle plastic, more like resin, they chip easily. If anyone out there knows of a softer dominoe, please let me know.

I used alcohol inks for the background color. I outlined the edge and did the zetti sides with a black sharpie marker. Dorothy and the Witch are stickers ( I cheated) from Michael's craft store. I sealed them with Krylon UV protective sealer. It comes in gloss or matt from Dick Blick's art supply store. This particular Krylon fixative is great for scaned printer images. Ink from your printer fads very quickly in any sunlight. Fadding was a real problem in my collages, Krylon UV is a must have when using scanned images. The words on these pendants are from my printer.

Dorothy says, "Kansas?" and on the back of the pendant is Toto saying, "dah LOST!" The Witch has the caption above her head "misunderstood". LOL! Gotta love the witch!

This is why the Mermaid got put on the back burner, I didn't want Spud mad at me over the dominoes, so I had to make a couple of pendants to placate him. HEE-HEE! After all I need to keep Spud happy since I'm always dragging him into my projects. Last year I made him machine slots into antique zinc lids from the old blue canning jars. I wanted to make banks out of them. I collaged labels on the jars and they made the cutest banks. Spud wanted to choke me. Zinc lids have white glass on the underside of them. He took all this time to carefully pop those white disks out to have me turn around and say, " Oh! I don't need to save those, it wouldn't have mattered if you broke the white glass disks out of the lid." Ooops I should have told him sooner!

Well I'm sure you all have stories of the abusive things you've done to your Hubbies in the name of art. LOL!

Stay up late, make art!


  1. Nina - At a yard sale last Saturday I bought a huge box of dominoes - I was inspired after seeing these that you made. I want to make pendants but also use them for refrigerator magnets. jeanne

  2. These get to be addictive, wait until you see the altered Scrabble tiles. LOL!