Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unfinished Mermaid

Now realize I'm not even close to done with this, but Cathy really wanted a sneak peek. I had a very hard time photographing this for the simple fact that, not everything is attached and it needs to be hanging to really get a good picture.

The body is the center back to an old wood chair, the fins are alcohol inked aluminum colander parts, the halo around the face is an old tin Jello mold, the boobs are bottle caps, and the face is molded from Sculpy.

I have to finish painting the face and attaching everything. I will be using willow branches for the arms. I already have them debarked and sanded. I used green metallic paint for her fish tail. Alcohol inks automatically look metallic when applied to metal. I used green and then fuchsia on the tips of the fins. She is really beautiful in person, even in her amputated state. LOL! She will look so much better once she gets her make-up on. Right now she looks like she's been soaking in cold water for too long. LOL!

Oh! If any of you ever use alcohol inks remember to seal it when it dries. It is water proof, but if you use it on jewelry, women use perfume and perfume has alcohol in it and that will seriously make the ink smear and bleed. I mention this because I am making dominoe pendants right now and I use alcohol inks for background color. You don't want some woman or man to think he caught a disease when their skin gets stained. Well, maybe. LOL!

I hope you've enjoyed this preview and my little tid bits. I hope this will help all of you to try new things. If anyone ever has a question about products or any medium your not familiar with, JUST ASK ME! I will do my best to help you. I have sooo much stuff in the MESS and I've probably done or tried it. I want to encourage and inspire all of you to create. You all have something to share, express yourselves, after all someone out there needs YOU to touch them with YOUR ART!

All of you have a great week-end and know I treasure these new friendships, truly.

Live artfully- Nina


  1. LOVE the mermaid. Maybe she'll inspire me to finish some of my mermaids. ?? Oh, who knows. It's a thought.

  2. I need to get kicked to finish her. LOL!